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Should You Expand Your Direct Mailer Reach?

Increasing the ranges you send out mailers from your business is a big step, and a crucial one when it comes to drawing in new customers. The timing and preparation for expanding your range needs to be carefully considered however.

How do you know when you should take this step? How should you prepare? How much farther out should you reach? These straightforward steps can guide you on broadening your horizons for your future direct mail marketing campaigns.

Is Your Local Market Tapped Out?

Before reaching out as far as you can afford, consider if you should reach out farther than you currently do. Are you looking to gain new customers in the same demographics you serve already, or are you looking to court a new group?

If you’re looking for a new target audience, then perhaps looking closer to home is a better way to test the waters. If you have a strong enough foothold in your current area and are looking for the same demographic farther away, it may be time to start reaching out to new mailing locations.

Don’t Neglect Your Current Base!

When planning an expanded mailing area, keep in mind that you need to continue to maintain your relationships with those customers you already have. Those customers have supported your business, and are still important. It’s a costly mistake to stop sending mailers to current customers while chasing after new prospects.

Go In For The Long Haul

Whenever you consider increasing your mailing volume, make sure you can afford to maintain the same level of engagement across all of your target audience. This way, your customers will all feel equally valued. Consistent contact with customers new and old is the key, and part of that key is balancing costs. This cost isn’t about a one-time mailer, but a consistent campaign to bring in new business. Repeated contact is a piece of what makes direct mailing an effective strategy, so be ready to keep the campaign mailers going for a bit.

Track Success Of New Campaigns

Keeping track of your returns on investment for these new customers is just as important as reaching out in the first place. Just like with local mailing campaigns, understanding which mailers are effective and who is responding to them makes future campaigns more likely to succeed.

Use Professional Services

Using the assistance of a professional direct mail marketing group, you can make sure you’re making the most effective use of your mailers, and ensure your campaign is targeting the correct audience. With professional support, your expanded outreach is more likely to succeed and bring in more business.

If  you’re looking to expand your reach through direct mail marketing, the marketing specialists at RTC are available to get you the most return on your investment possible. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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