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Streamlining The Direct Mailing Process

Setting up a direct mail campaign can involve a lot of moving parts, and initially, it can be overwhelming. Once you have a few mailing campaigns under your belt however, the next step is trimming down the extra components that are less important once you’ve established a solid rhythm for reaching out to your audience. In streamlining your process, you’ll save money and be able to reinvest that capital into your business! Here are a few ideas for streamlining your direct mailing process:

Hit Your Targeted Groups More Often

Once you’ve sent out a few rounds of mailers, you should have a good idea about which members of your audience are the most responsive. If you’ve been keeping track of that, it should be pretty straight forward to specifically cater to and reach out to them. By only mailing to those that directly respond to your mailers, you cut off a lot of the excess costs with wide reaching campaigns.

Trim Mailing Lists

When not hitting your specifically targeted audience, you’ll still want to reach out to wider groups to increase your customer base. Using different tracking methods you can get an idea of those groups that don’t respond and trim them from future outreach efforts. This doesn’t mean you’ll never try to get in touch with them again, but for everyday mailing, cutting back on mailers that don’t have a good ROI is always a good idea.

Plan Ahead

Never find yourself scrambling for the next idea right before you need to send your mailers out. Specifically set time aside to brainstorm a bunch of ideas for future campaigns. These outlines for future mailers needn’t be excessively fleshed out, but having skeletons of potential future campaigns can save a lot of time moving forward. Do you know you’re going to need mailers for summer sales? Set up an outline that you can fill in once you have more specific dates and prices in mind! A little preparation early on can save a lot of headaches later.

Get In Touch With Professional Distribution Services

One of the easiest ways to simplify the process of sending out direct mail campaigns is to outsource a lot of the work to professional services. Some services can handle designing, printing, or mailing. Ideally, any service you choose will have all of these services available in one place to make the whole process easier.

RTC houses all of these services and knows the best way to organize and implement different kinds of direct mailing campaigns. For a trustworthy team with decades of experience to help your campaigns be as successful as possible, look no further than RTC.

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