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Tracking Success Of A Direct Mail Campaign

So you’ve sent out your marketing campaign and now you’re waiting to see the results. The problem is, if you don’t know that people are coming because of your mailing campaign, how will you know how to improve them in the future? It’s impossible to know how effective your campaign is if you don’t plan on tracking it ahead of time. So let’s talk about how to track your direct mail campaigns, and then why tracking is important!


Plan Ahead!

Plan ahead to track your success, or lack thereof, before sending your mailers out. Engineering your campaign to directly hand you that information is key to improving or adjusting future campaigns.

Track Coupons and Codes

One method of checking the success of your campaign is by including a special coupon or code on your mailer. This can be tracked by the number of physical coupons that have been handed in, or by making note of every purchase that uses the code. If you notice a significant increase in sales at this time, checking the number of coupons and codes collected is an easy way to attribute recent gains to the campaign. You can also send out several different kinds of mailers with different codes at the same time to see which are more effective.

Have Them Mail Back!

It’s also possible to have a mail in engagement campaign, that requires customers to actually volunteer their information for more information. It could even be a contest to encourage participation. Once you have that information, you can then add them to your own in-house mailing list for those who specifically are interested in your service and business.

Collect Info On Location

Another way to build a list for future campaigns is to allow customers to write in their information at your business location. Here, you can have them write in how they heard about your business, which can guide you in future marketing planning.


Building for Future Lists

When you have the information that really draws in a particular group, you can reach out to them specifically and continue to develop engagement from that demographic. By tracking which mailers are most successful, you can reinforce your efforts to continue to hone in on that target audience.

Learn What Works and What Doesn’t

If you find that your campaign was less successful than you hoped it would be, you can use that as a jumping off point for future outreach attempts. Carefully examining and understanding your target audience and how your mailers reach that audience can prevent this from happening. However, you can always learn from the results of a campaign, good or bad.

Building Loyal Customer Relationships

Every campaign can help you build a list for future targeted mailing campaigns. Beyond knowing the general information about your potential audience, it creates a specific customer list to contact who already engage with your business. By building a relationship with those customers, you can create an agent that can bring in more customers with them and will positively talk about your business.

Professionals Can Help

When setting up your direct mail marketing campaign, it’s always a good idea to work with professionals in the field who have experience in developing successful campaigns and following through with evaluating the success of those. The direct mail experts at RTC know every step along the way, and can take the extra measures to improve the rate of success for your campaign. When you’re setting up your next direct mail campaign and want to track the success of your mailers, give us a call!

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