Promotional Materials For Your Lancaster Business

When it comes to making sure your customer base knows about your business and remembers you over a long period of time, there’s nothing better than using promotional products. Every time someone picks up an item that has your company information on it, they’ll be given a reminder about your services.

Unlike one time mailers, using items like t-shirts, bags, pens, and USB drives result in many impressions over a much longer period of time. This means your cost per impression is way lower using promotional products.

Offering these kinds of items will help generate long-lasting relationships with your client-base and improve your overall business performance!

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What products suit your business? Contact RTC to find out!

What We Offer

We’ll help keep on your customers’ minds!

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Are Promotional Products Right For Your Business?

If you are considering whether or not your business would benefit from promotional products (also known as ad specialties), remember that nearly every business in the United States utilizes this form of advertising. This is because the return on investment (ROI) is so much higher with these items.

The everyday use or visual of something with your business’s logo is far more cost effective than a one time contact through TV or radio advertisements.

What Kind Of Products Are There?

RTC distributes promotional products from over 3,000 suppliers, meaning you have access to nearly unlimited options. Whether you need a pen that transforms into a small plane, or some waterproof Bluetooth speakers that light up, we’re your number one supplier for the Lancaster area. Explore our vast selection of products to see what classic or unique items would fit your business!

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We’re a family-owned business with decades of promotional product experience.


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About RTC

If you’re looking to reach your customer or client base frequently and efficiently, utilizing promotional products is your best option. With our access to such a wide range of products, RTC is your top local source for consistent ad specialities.

As members of the Advertising Specialty Institute, we understand what your business’s needs are. For over 30 years, we’ve been serving Shoemakersville, PA and the surrounding area for all of their promotional product needs. Our customer service and dedication to your satisfaction means that you’ll always have a direct line to our experts whenever you need us. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your company.