A t-shirt, mug, bag, hat, umbrella, flag, and office supplies all display custom orange logos to promote a business.
Consistent and meaningful impressions make the marketing world go round. Here are a few of the best promotional items to consider for your small business.
A stack of brightly colored mailing envelopes that stress urgency.
Even in the paperless age of technology and online marketing, direct mail can still be an extremely valuable marketing resource. That said, direct mail marketing works best if you know exactly what you’re doing. To help you get a better understanding of what an effective direct mail campaign truly looks like, we’ve listed some key…
Four hands hold up letter signs spelling out “GEN Z.”
Every generation is different and requires unique strategies to get their attention. Over the last three decades, RTC has learned a thing or two about getting in touch with different audiences. According to Forbes, Gen Z—those born after 1995—will account for at least 40% of all consumes by 2020. Here’s how to plot your marketing…
A team of two men and a woman work to isolate a problem with a design in a printing facility.
No matter how long you’ve been working with printed material, mistakes and errors happen. It’s part of the process, and knowing how to correct mistakes after they happen is key so a successful final print. Just as important as knowing how to fix these misprints is knowing how to avoid them in the first place.
black and blue promotional pens
Building a relationship with your audience can take many forms. You can send ads, put up posters, and offer discounts to encourage engagement. The challenge is getting your customers to consistently engage with something they cannot actually use. Flashy design and different sized mailers only go so far; sometimes you need to get them something they can hold and take with them every day. Promotional products have a proven ROI, and one of the best examples of this is consistently the personalized pen.