Promotional Item Printing For The Lehigh Valley

Promotional products (also known as ad specialities) are the best way to remind your customers about your business and the services you provide over an extended amount of time. Labeled with your company’s information, these products now act as a standing advertisement every time someone sees them. Pay enough for one ad, but have it count forever!

With such a low cost per impression, you can afford to regularly resupply on these products and generate even more attention. Customers are also more likely to keep your ad specialties, and if they find them useful, share them with people they know.

In giving these kinds of supplies to your customers and clients, you’ll build a consistent avenue of communication with them. With these strong connections, you’ll turn your customers into independent advertisers for your business!

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What products do your customers need? RTC can help you figure it out!

What We Offer

Improve customer loyalty using promotional products!

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Are Promotional Products Right For Your Business?

Every business can benefit from the use of these promotional products. In the United States, almost every business and company utilize some form of this advertising to reach their customers and clients. With the relative return on investment (ROI) so high for this kind of advertising, it just makes sense.

The repeated exposure of your clients to your company logo or some other visual connected to you means that they will be more familiar with your services than if they got a single mailer one time.

What Kind Of Products Are There?

With access to over 3,000 suppliers of ad specialties across the country, RTC is able to meet any need your company might have with countless options. From as simple as a 64 gigabyte flash drive to something as extravagant as a life-sized bobble-head, we can do it all! Get all of your promotional odds and ends with our top quality customer service.

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We’re a family-owned business with decades of promotional product experience.


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A Little About Us

If you want to reach your clients in a creative and efficient way, offering a range of promotional products will do the trick. With access to countless products, RTC is your number one provider of quality options.

We know how to best distribute and match promotional products for your company. We’ve been serving Shoemakersville, PA and the surrounding area for over three decades. Our customer service and dedication to your satisfaction means that you’ll always have a direct line to our experts whenever you need us. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your company.