A bright color wheel sits with butterflies of matching colors flying above it.

What Colors Should I Use For My Design Piece?

You can’t control what your customers think, but you can subtly influence how they feel about what you’re showing them. Color psychology isn’t a new field of marketing study. Restaurants, movie poster designers, and artists for centuries have utilized colors to push customers and viewers one way or another. When designing mailers and pieces of advertising, knowing which colors are saying what to your audience is key.

Two designers use a green color palette and swatches to develop a cool design for their next mailing campaign

Print Design 101

Coming up with the perfect design for your mailer doesn’t just happen. It requires careful consideration of your audience, what you’re sending out, and the fundamentals of what makes a good design. When it gets to the point where you’re actually putting images on the page, there are some key rules to follow in order to run a successful and effective campaign.