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What Size Flyers Should I Use?

Size matters when it comes to sending out mailers for your business. It can affect how people see your business, how well it holds up in transit, and how much it ultimately costs to print and mail. Learning the different ways size can impact the performance of your flyers can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a flop. Consider what your goal is and the kind of information you’re sending out when picking your flyer size. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

How are you getting it to your customers?

If you have a stack of flyers at your place of business, you’ll be designing them a little differently than if you were to mail them to your audience. Smaller fliers are easier to pick up and take with you in a pocket as opposed to an oversized fold out poster. These flyers still need to have all of the information though, so careful design is important!

When is bigger is better?

When you’re sending out flyers in the mail, having something a little different can make your mailers stand out. Something that is outside of the normal size or shape catches your audience’s attention when they’re shuffling through the rest of their mail. The added weight of a folded up, extra large flyer can go a long way towards setting your mailer apart from the competition.

What are you advertising?

Beyond making sure that the flyers stand out because of their size, you also need to take into consideration what your design will be on the flyer. How much information do you need to pack into the space? If you have less information, it could be worth going with a smaller size to avoid wasted space. 

What does it cost?

Larger flyers are definitely going to cost more to print because of the amount of paper material and the amount of ink used. Additionally, larger mailers cost more money to actually send out! When it comes to standing out, a larger flyer is a fantastic way to do so, but you have to know what you’re getting into. If you’re sending out tons of flyers to a massive audience, a larger more expensive flyer might not be as cost effective. Strike a balance between size and number of mailers to maximize your campaign’s potential. 

How can you do it best?

Your business should be your focus. Maintaining the quality of your services should be your primary focus. Let someone else handle the sizing, design, printing, and mailing of your flyers. The expert team at RTC has all of the experience and talent necessary to find the perfect setup for your campaign. Don’t gamble with trying to juggle all of the different aspects of your outreach plan; go with the team with decades of experience. Give RTC a call today for all of your flyer needs!

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