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Pantone is a company that was founded on consistently communicating color selections through a variety of mediums. They’ve also created a wide range of guides so that color swatches can be properly displayed and used throughout the graphic design world.

What Does Pantone Mean?

Like many iconic versions of products, the name Pantone has become synonymous with color classification and organization. Most printing services simply use it without even considering that it wasn’t always the standard. Back in 1962, when the first Pantone standardized colors were released, no one could have known what was on the horizon. Nowadays, Pantone is associated with a color matching system, the Pantone Color of the Year, makeup that is based on the available colors, and even a hotel based around the colors of Pantone. It’s quite the resume for a company that started as a small printing company in the 50s.

Standardized Color

While not the end-all decider on what color is, their influence is clear throughout most of the industry. With a standardized collection of over 1000 colors, it’s easy to take a design from one service and get it done in the exact same shades somewhere else. You can imagine the embarrassment if you asked a printer for a rose/violet shade for a printed mailer, and they returned with a thousand neon pink postcards. These color standards have made it possible for

Trend Setting

They also select the Pantone Color of the Year, which represents their best guess at which color will be the most popular throughout the following year. It’s based on a careful examination of the trends of the past year and what is likely on the horizon. The benefit of establishing the standardized colors of business and design is that you can use those colors in your own marketing. By covering one of your own colors, you’re able to put it front and center, drawing attention to your line and standardized color swatches.

Living The Pantone Lifestyle

The sense of style associated with these simple color swatches has given rise to a unique brand opportunity; it’s called Pantone Lifestyle. On the Pantone website, you can actually purchase all manner of products in a huge variety of colors. From mugs and holiday ornaments, to notebooks and waterbottles, you can show off your design acumen with objects covered in your desired color.

Why Does It Pay To Know Pantone?

Using Pantone colors is pretty standard in any design project. Knowing which colors you want and how they’ll look can play a big part in the beginning of your design phase. Working with professionals who know what they’re doing can go a long way to saving time in getting the desired results. Let the color experts at RTC help you pick the right colors for your mailers and products so that you’ll stand out from the crowd. With decades of design and printing experience, the professionals at RTC are the best at what they do. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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