A row of multicolor mail mailboxes all have U.S. Mail stamped on the front.

Unusual Mailboxes for a Unique Mail Experience

Mailboxes can say a lot about a home or business. They can range from the standard black box with a red flag to the delightfully bizarre. Your mailbox tells other people what you think is important, or what kind of style you have. Whether you go for a classic look or something more uniquely fitted for you, here are a few unique mailbox designs to jumpstart your creative spirit!

Straight From The Truck To The Truck

(Credit to Buildmailbox.com)

This mailbox brings a meta feel to the whole process of having your mail delivered. There’s no doubt what you expect from this box when you set it out front!

Incoming Mail May Be Hot!

(Credit to aminkorea)

What do you do when your microwave stops working? If you’re the type to up-cycle your old stuff, this is definitely an option. The window even gives you a bit of a preview for your mail!

I Am Bender. Please Insert Mailers!

(Credit to sweetairkicks)

This mailbox doesn’t just take the idea of a mailbox to the next level, it totally changes the game! Fans of Futurama and fancy metal work will definitely get a kick out of this one!

Dungeons, Dragons, & Direct Mail

(Credit to arbrown83)

This handcrafted wooden mailbox tells a story that shows dedication to a skill and protecting one’s mail. This truly unique mailbox will draw more than mail service employees to take a look. The longer you look, the more details there are to find!

Get Creative!

These are just a few ideas for when you’re looking at getting a new mailbox. Take your passions and apply them! Take a hobby or something about your business and turn your mailbox into something truly inspiring. Don’t just sit back and let others make all of the fun mail receptacles; get started on yours today!

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