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Is Direct Mail Effective During the Holiday Season?

It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to set up your specialized mailing campaigns. What to send, how to send it, and most importantly how to prepare your campaign so that it goes out at the right time to hit your target audience at the best possible time are all important factors to consider. Without the proper guidance, you could miss the mark on an opportunity that only comes around once a year! Luckily, we’re here to lend a helping word.

Plan Ahead

If you get to a week before you want your target mailing date and you haven’t started your design and marketing outline yet, your window has likely passed. Waiting too long to start means that your campaign might not arrive in time for the holiday you were trying to get ahead of. Setting up your designs well enough in advance should be a priority for all of your campaigns, but especially for when you’re trying to target a specific holiday. You want this kind of mailer to be polished and ready to go without any issues, and that takes a lot of careful planning.

Go A Little Extra

This isn’t just about sending the requisite holiday mailer; it’s also about attracting attention for your business. If you think about it, plenty of other businesses are sending mailers at this time of the year. To stand out, your business should be taking that extra step to go beyond what other groups are doing. Thicker cardstock, some holiday envelope design, go crazy! You might spend a little more, but think about how your mailer will be so much more noticeable than everything else in the stack.

Give Some Lead Time

You don’t want your holiday offers and reminders to show up on the day of the celebration. To be sure your audience hears about what you’re offering with enough time to act on it, make sure you get your campaign in their hands a few weeks ahead of time. It’s not just about one day. The holiday season reasonably goes from the end of October through the beginning of January. That’s a wide range of time to work with. Don’t send it too far in advance though! Giving your customers too long between the mailer and the actual holiday can make it seem like you’re not paying attention to when you’re sending campaigns out.

Get It Done Right

Going in-house is certainly one way to get your holiday mailers done, but for that extra level of polish and care, going with a professional service that can give you a leg up on distribution costs, high quality printing options, and expert design and mailing professionals. An all in one direct mailing service like RTC Direct is the best way to get a high-quality mailer into the hands of your audience for the holidays to boost your business profile.

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