A young man is excited to receive a birthday card from his favorite business.

Wishing Your Customers A Happy Birthday

Everyone has a birthday, and most people like having it acknowledged by friends and family. Recognition of someone’s special day can be quite satisfying and makes them feel valued. The idea that you’re on someone’s mind enough that they’ll reach out and let you know about it on a particular day is great for solidifying relationships and confirming that ever present question of “do they care about me?” This is exactly why businesses should also reach out for customers’ birthdays!

What should you include?

Birthday emails are a bit more personal than something like a general advertisement. Anyone reading them should feel like they were personally recognized by the business sending it. Simply stating, “It’s your birthday, buy our product,” won’t cut it here.

A Customized Greeting

We’ve mentioned in other blogs how a customized greeting can pull in an added layer of connection with your audience. Nowhere is this more important than when you send a personalized birthday mailer. If you send someone something for their birthday, you’re better off not including a greeting at all if the alternative is “Hello, Customer!” If you have someone’s birthday and address, you very likely have their name. Don’t miss this easy opportunity to convince your audience that you care!

A Special Offer

Not only should you let the customer know that you care about their birthday, but also that you have a gift for them. Something like a coupon or a giveaway would cover it. It should also be something that is identifiably in response to the birthday. If they see the coupon for their birthday right next to the same offer in the regular mailer, that cuts the special feeling real quick.

A Sense of Time

Birthday offers are great, but they don’t last forever. Include an expiration date, maybe by the end of the month or by the end of next month to use the coupon or deal. This creates a sense of urgency for your customer.

Go For The Extra Personalized Touch

Depending on the size of your audience, it may be possible to send individual birthday cards that you personally sign. Some mail that is always opened are birthday and anniversary cards. Why send in plain white envelopes or send a postcard? Help your birthday greeting blend with the rest of the wellwishers with a colorful envelope, handwritten address, and signed sentiment inside! Beyond getting into their hands, this technique is a surefire way to get into their hearts!

Do Something Different

If your regular mailers and outreach uses a certain color or design frequently, make sure this one stands out. You don’t want this to blend in with the rest of your campaigns, but it should carry a similar thread. It needs to obviously be from your business, but this mailer shouldn’t look like it’s about you or your company. It’s about the customer! Just like everything else on this list, you should be making the customer feel like you’re focusing on them to wish them a happy day. A loyal customer that feels valued is far more likely to stop into your business and respond positively to your outreach!

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