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What is Professional Printing and why is it better than Desktop Printing?

Anyone can buy a printer, so anyone can do their own business printing at home, right? Some printers are better than others, but if you buy a high end printer, you’ll get high end prints, right? The idea that printing relies solely on the actual printer is entirely incorrect. Some printing processes are better for different projects. Some printers are better for different kinds of materials as opposed to others. Professional printing services are available and they can easily answer any of your questions. Let’s go over a few here

What Is Desktop Printing?

Most people have used a desktop printer at some point. They come in all shapes and sizes, print focuses, and with a wide range of features included. These are the kind of printers we can purchase at office supply stores for personal home use. Larger varieties can be used in offices. 

While these are great for printing out many copies, you are limited by the smaller ink/toner supply contained within the device. Because of this, printing in large quantities can be expensive as the cartridges are much smaller and need to be replaced more often. The precision accuracy of larger, industry-grade machines is also lacking in these smaller personal printers. 

These printers, while easily accessible, are only really useful for low count prints and not for major mailing or advertising campaigns.

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

Offset printing refers to the process by which the printer uses etched metal plates that apply ink onto a sheet of paper. Each plate only uses one color, so the more colorful a project, the more expensive it is. Because of this, it’s less cost effective to run for short term low quantity prints. Over the course of several thousand prints, this process shines as the actual ink used is less expensive than digital printers.

Digital printers don’t use etched plates. Instead, they use electrostatic rollers called “drums” to transfer the toner onto the paper. The drums act in much the same was as the plates in the way that each drum has one color. The drums then use the electrostatic charge to get the toner onto the page and then apply heat to ensure the ink is dried and firmly fixed on the printed material. 

Digital printing is cost effective when it comes to a lower number of copies. This is because the rollers can be switched out more easily than custom etching each plate, making it more time and cost effective. As previously mentioned however, the ink used in this process is more expensive. When printing fewer than a few thousand, the versatility of digital printing makes sense. Size is also a major consideration for digital versus offset printing. Digital printers typically only handle up to a certain size—29 inches or so. Offset can tackle much bigger jobs. Offset printers are also known for providing the right kinds of Pantone colors (usually extremely important for major brands). The consistency of offset is highly valued for major corporate campaigns.

Is Professional Printing Worth It?

Considering that there are a number of advantages to working with professional printing services, it’s easy to see why going with an experienced team makes more sense than going alone. The fact that they likely already have different printers available to take on whatever kinds of projects your business might have is the first major plus for working with professionals. 

They also know all of the minor hiccups that might arise and can adjust to compensate and correct those issues. Another point is that their years of experience has taught them how to get the best quality prints for your mailers and advertisements. If you’re looking to have your business stand out, a high-end look for your prints is a great way to achieve that.

Why RTC Is Right For You

Trying to  set up your direct mail campaign can lead to a lot of moving parts all at once. By working with the team with decades of experience, you get the benefits of a knowledgeable printing staff, as well as getting access to the ability to design and mail your campaign out. Getting it all done in one place takes a lot of the hassle out of setting up your mailing efforts. Give us a call today to see how we can best help your business!

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