Two designers use a green color palette and swatches to develop a cool design for their next mailing campaign
Coming up with the perfect design for your mailer doesn’t just happen. It requires careful consideration of your audience, what you’re sending out, and the fundamentals of what makes a good design. When it gets to the point where you’re actually putting images on the page, there are some key rules to follow in order to run a successful and effective campaign.
young woman holding letter sitting near laptop
The use of digital media and methods has become increasingly popular with the inclusion of even more tricks and tools as a means to easily reach out to your audience. However, as these kinds of outreach become more common and flood the inboxes and mobile devices of clients and customers, it becomes harder and harder to stand out against the crowd.
rectangular block of random vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks against textured bark paper
Printing has been around for far longer than modern printers. Let’s unpack a few different options and look at what applications they could be used for.
Serious thoughtful handsome young engineer in shirt examining wide format printer while holding inspection in printing house
Anyone can buy a printer, so anyone can do their own business printing, right? Think again! Here are a few considerations when looking at doing your own printing at home.
Co working conference, Business team colleagues discussing working analysis with financial data and marketing growth report graph in team, Business finances and accounting concept.
Before you go looking for national companies that cover huge areas of service, consider a local option company instead. Local companies have quite a few advantages over larger marketing services.