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7 Tips For Marketing to Gen Z

Every generation is different and requires unique strategies to get their attention. Over the last three decades, RTC has learned a thing or two about getting in touch with different audiences. According to Forbes, Gen Z—those born after 1995—will account for at least 40% of all consumes by 2020. Here’s how to plot your marketing strategy from Point A to Gen Z.

1. Get To The Point

Gen Z doesn’t mess around. They want their information and you better be up front about it. They’ve grown up consuming media and learning to determine what is important right away. If you attempt to veil your sales strategy behind flash, and distracting design, you’re more likely to turn off Gen Zers than draw them in.

2. Meet Them Personally

For this generation, it’s important to identify them as individuals. Personalized points of contact like customized mailers and adverts that directly appeal to them as singular customers would likely be most effective. Birthday or anniversary loyalty offers appeal especially well, but this isn’t simply limited to a certain age group.

3. Personalize Your Business

Your service can’t just be about making money to them. Obviously you need to keep your business going, and that requires an influx of sales or income, but consumers are looking for a purpose for your operation. Present the overall goal of your endeavor to make it more easily to identify with. Highlight individuals on your team with the same kind of directness mentioned before. Offer sincerity towards your purpose and you’ll get sincerity from your audience in return.

4. Link Multiple Marketing Techniques

We’ve talked about how incorporating direct mail and physical marketing alongside digital methods is great for generating more engagement. This is particularly true for younger generations. Because they’ve grown up able to quickly digest and understand information across multiple sources, it’s actually the preferred method of engagement. Encouraging your audience to incorporate other forms of information from your company can make a big difference in the level of engagement your audience brings to the table.

5. Don’t Call It Out

In general, those who are in the age-range of Gen Z don’t care to be lumped into a “Generation,” at least not by marketing strategies. This can be attributed to a lot of the negative connotations associated with younger generations. There is a fine line between identifying with your audience, and coming off as condescending. Avoid using current slang as it can feel disingenuous and cause your targeted audience to tune out.

6. Go For The Experience

Generation Z is looking to be a part of something, more so than even the Millennials. Instead of trying to sell a physical product or brand, you’re trying to invite your audience into the group. By bringing them on—not as customers—but as part of something bigger, you make them feel as if they have part ownership in the experience. This encourages loyalty and further engagement. Additionally, an enthusiastic audience will do the advertising for you by advocating for your business!

7. Treat Them As Valued Customers

Too often, the youngest generation to earn a title is consistently treated as children. This kind of attitude can block off an entire market. It’s sometimes easy to forget that consumers carry their opinions about businesses for a long time. If their first impression is being talked down to, they’ll be less likely to engage. While these other tips are incredibly useful to keep in mind, remember that regardless of the age of your consumer, you should treat them with respect because, without them, business gets a little bit harder.

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