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Expanding Your Target Audience

When your goal is to increase the reach of your business, sometimes it’s worth looking at adjusting your target audience, or finding new ways to engage fresh audiences. Increasing the size of your audience not only increases the potential for profit, but it also has the possibility to grant more stability. By spreading out your customer base, you’re more likely to enjoy consistent business instead of rushes of activity followed by slower stretches. Here are a few tips on broadening your customer base and finding some new audiences:

Branch Out From Your Primary Audience

Instead of looking for a totally new target audience, take a look at groups that are associated with your current target audience. This method is usually easier and less risky than seeking out a new target audience. Think about who might purchase your goods or services for other people. If your product is specifically geared towards college students, consider marketing to parents of college-aged students. It’s possible you already have pre-built audiences that you aren’t fully engaging!

Look At Your Responders

One of the best ways to identify new potential audiences is to look at the response rates and levels of engagement from previous campaigns. Tracking those responses is key for future campaigns. Was there a particular demographic that responded positively to your saturation style mailers that’s outside of your usual base? If you see an unexpected customer base start to form, that’s your opportunity to engage and nurture that audience. Even if they aren’t the customers you expected, their appreciation and engagement with your services show that there is a market there, and you should be open to embrace it!

Switch Up Your Outreach

Oftentimes, you’ll have to employ alternate methods to reach new audiences than you’ve used in the past. Chances are, if your current avenues of outreach were effective at attracting new customers, that audience would already have been brought in. If your typical forms of outreach include sending out mailers like postcards or magnets, maybe sending out different kinds of mailers like booklets could bring in some fresh customers.

Use Professional Services

Reach out to professional direct mail services! Finding your primary target audience can be a lot of work, so you can imagine how difficult it might be to try to maintain another new audience! By working with a professional service, you can focus on the products and services your business provides while your mailers are set up and mailed to your new audiences.

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