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Direct mail is a great way to keep in touch with your customer base. It allows you to notify them of special deals and changes to the business. When customers sign-up for your mailing list, it means they are most likely interested in your company. These sign-ups will form a significant chunk of your final list. Once you have the list, it’s important to positively and effectively communicate with your clients. The first step here is to have a strongly-designed piece.

Focus on Content

Content should be the top focus of whatever direct mail you send out to your customer base. A strong design, however, should be a close second. A piece’s design helps add some desirability and authenticity to the mail and can help motivate a consumer to keep whatever content you send them. This is why it’s important to know your audience. When you design with this group in mind, you’ll be able to target their specific tastes to improve your chances of appealing to them. 

Clean & Clear

Clarity is the most important quality that your mail should have. The audience should not have any difficulty in understanding your message. Your design should be direct enough that your target audience is immediately drawn in. If a reader takes the time to look at your content, you want them to be interested in the subject matter. By the time they finish reading your piece, they should have the knowledge and ability to purchase your product, visit your store, etc.

On the Grid

When laying out the document, you should utilize grids and columns. This ensures an even and appealing spacing structure to follow. Don’t cram too much content onto the page; leaving white space is much more visually appealing. Quality images and readable text are also very important. You want variety in the piece, but not so much that the reader feels jarred. In this instance, quality is much more important than quantity. Convey the information clearly and without taking up too much room.


Utilizing direct mail is a smart business move, so  it is important to make sure your content is effectively designed. This isn’t just for one mailer though. You should consistently apply the same level of attention to detail for every piece of direct mail you send out to your audience. When these tenets are followed, you’ll be more likely to engage your readers and encourage them to participate in any promotions you’re running.

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