How Physical Mail Dominates Marketing

With so many digital means to reach your audience, it may seem like the most abundant and effective way to boost your business’s profile. However, time and time again, digital marketing falls behind when compared to the engagement potentials of physical direct mail marketing.

Personal Touch

When using direct mail services, your mailers can be tailored to a particular audience through the use of demographic identifiers. While it is possible to do this with emails and targeted internet ads, customers are likely to respond negatively to internet-based sources that instantly respond so searches and identifiers. They feel impersonal and are sometimes viewed with mistrust. On the other hand, physical direct mail has that personally-delivered quality and is usually viewed with more trust.

There’s No Mail Filter

For digital advertising, there are countless ways to block and filter out marketing attempts. Ad blockers and spam filters can prevent your message from ever getting to your audience. On the other hand, physically delivered mail must be handled at the very least before the receiver can deal with it. Getting your message in front of your audience is half the battle, and if you can get that far, you’ve accomplished more than many digital advertisers.

Less Competition

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of ways to put advertisements in front of potential customers on the internet. Countless websites actually make their revenue on selling advertising space, so every spare inch is packed with addition advertising. Emails are sent en masse and clog inboxes. On the other hand, mail is a far more exclusive. Instead of hundreds of emails with similar flashy subject lines all vying for attention, you might be competing with maybe a dozen other envelopes with physical mail.

One Mailer Counts For Many Impressions

When you send out an advertisement, your goal is always to get the most responses possible and to make the greatest number of impressions possible. Internet ads do this by inundating potential customers with constant advertisements repeatedly. The downside of this is that customers flag these repeated ads for the aforementioned filters. Physical mail however sticks around. A single mailer can grant an impression with a customer every time they look at the postcard on their table or the magnet on a fridge. These repeated and subtle engagements are the key to long term reminders for your target audience.

The next time you’re looking to set up a direct mail campaign, make sure you go with experts who can get you the most bang for your buck. The marketing professionals at RTC know all of the tricks of the trade to maximize the impact of your outreach and get you the engagement you deserve. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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