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How To Fit Direct Mail Into Larger Marketing Campaigns

The use of digital media and methods has become increasingly popular with the inclusion of even more tricks and tools as a means to easily reach out to your audience. However, as these kinds of outreach become more common and flood the inboxes and mobile devices of clients and customers, it becomes harder and harder to stand out against the crowd.

One of the best ways to do this—if not the best—continues to be direct physical mail. By including physical mailers into your marketing scheme, you can really push the envelope on what is possible for your business.

Get Into Their Hands

With so many companies focusing only on the digital front for marketing, that means fewer are competing in the physical mail front. By having a piece of tangible outreach sent directly to your audience, you’re ensuring that they have to actually pick up and handle your product. That physical interaction is more likely to get your audience to take notice of your business and services.

Physicality Is Important

Humans are overall a sentimental species. We like holding things and seeing that someone went through the trouble of making it for us. This is true even for mass produced direct mailers. It’s hard to differentiate between the dozens and hundreds of different kinds of ads we get inundated with every day, but physical mailers stand out because you can pick it up and look at it from different angles, keep it, or just set it aside to deal with later. That staying power outweighs the momentary ads that digital marketing tends to focus on.

Use It As A Launching Point

When you already have a digital marketing strategy in place, but you want to get even more engagement, consider using direct mail to direct more traffic towards the digital storefront. Offering special codes for your online store funnels in customers who might have missed your email campaign.

Fill In The Gaps

Digital marketing strategies focus on users who at the very least operate in the digital sphere on occasion. However, there are still members of your target audience who might not be on social media or in the right digital locations you’re marketing to.

With options like Every Door Direct Mail and Saturation Walk Sequence Mailing Lists, you can make sure you maximize your reach with your message in a particular area. This has the added benefit of increasing the visibility of your brand and business for those people who are already aware of your services.

Go In With A Strategy

When you start any kind of marketing campaign, whether it’s digital or direct mail, you need to have a plan before you execute it. Without properly considering how the strengths of direct mail can create excellent synergy with the right digital marketing campaign, you can actually hurt your brand.

If running one side of a campaign is difficult, it’s easy to see how trying to combine both methods would make things more complicated. That’s why working with a professional marketing firm is often a great idea. They bring years of experience and—if you go local—knowledge of your target area that can inform your campaign’s direction.

That’s where RTC excels. By working with your team and creating a complementary strategy to your existing marketing plan, RTC can help set up the ultimate strategy—one that incorporates both digital and direct mail marketing. With experts in the field for over 30 years, you’re that much closer to seeing the kind of return on investment that you’ve been looking for.

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