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Is Saturation Mailing Right For Your Business?

When you have a wide array of options for mailing out your business information to customers, sometimes it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Depending on your goal, one might be more viable than another. It might make sense to run two separate campaigns at the same time to reach different groups. When you want to cover pretty much everyone in a specific area though, saturation/walk sequence mailing lists are the way to go.

When Is Saturation Marketing The Best Option?

When you want to reach a large area to bring in people from a wide range of demographics, saturation marketing can be a great tool. By using the saturation mailing method, you can get your mailers out there without having an established mailing list. It shares many characteristics with Every Door Direct Mail, but is distinct in many ways.

Choosing Your Range

Saturation marketing focuses on selecting a specific location, neighborhood, county, or even state! You can select the neighborhood you’d like to target and reach everyone in that area.

Size Is No Longer Limiting

When you’re looking at standing out, sometimes the size of your mailers can make a big difference. That’s where the benefit of saturation mailers come in. Saturation mailing campaigns are not necessarily limited by the size of what you’re sending. It’s possible to send larger mailers by paying only a little bit more. If all of the other businesses are sending average sized envelopes or postcards, making yours slightly bigger will catch more attention from your potential customers.

When Should These Be Used?

This kind of marketing is especially useful for a local business right before a sales event, grand opening, or when the business might be moving. By sending out to everyone, you can potentially draw in demographics you haven’t even considered as part of your potential base. It’s a great way to get a feel for what kind of audience is in the area. This can be great for building lists that can be more specifically targeted in future campaigns.

What Kinds Of Mailers Work Best?

Direct and clear messages that are widely appealing are most effective. Displaying how your service is useful for everyone is key to getting the best reaction from your audience for a saturation mailer. The kinds of businesses that benefit most from saturation mailing are those that offer a universal service, like food, clothing, or realty, but any type of business can see positive effects from this method. You’re casting a wide net, and once you get a feel for what kind of audience responds to your mailer, you can more carefully tailor your message to them.

How Do You Get Started?

When setting up your direct mail marketing campaign, having a professional guiding hand makes all of the difference. Professional direct mailing services, like RTC, can help you tailor your message to make sure your mailers are as effective as possible. RTC also has in-house design, print, and distribution services, so you can get every step of the campaign done in one place!

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