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Boosting Your Local Business Profile

When you own and operate a small, locally-based business, improving your visibility and engagement with the community is one of the most important parts of your business. Connection to your base might seem easier when you’re already closeby, but don’t fall into this trap! Sitting back and waiting for people to come to you can result in your business fading into the background, with customers thinking “oh, it’s always there.” Grab your audience’s attention frequently with direct mail campaigns specifically geared towards generating excitement about your goods and services!

Get Your Information Out There!

By sending a reminder mailer listing your regularly available services, you can draw out some potential customers who weren’t aware of some of the work that you provided. For example, if you operate a restaurant, sending out menus can be a great way to consistently remind your base that you have food they want. Something as simple as a postcard that includes your business hours and a basic description of what you do can be enough!

Send Out Coupons!

Getting coupons out to your customer base works on several levels. You can bring in customers who were on the fence about what you provide. Give them incentives to come in, such as a percentage off or a buy-one-get-one free deal. Collecting coupons is a great way to track the success of your campaign as well. Not only can this work to improve your engagement with your base, you can also get a feel for how many people are paying attention to your mailers!

Make A Scheduled Contact

If you offer services that change regularly, make a point about getting that info out there. Are you a landscaping business that also shovels snow or cleans gutters? Do your restaurant’s specials change from week to week? Whenever information about your business changes, especially if it’s on a regular basis, make sure to remind your customers that your services have changed.

Give Out Promotional Items

Promotional items are a fantastic way to bring in more business and get consistent impressions with minimal investment. A single promotional backpack or t-shirt can generate dozens or hundreds of impressions and act as a traveling billboard for your business. By using quality items that are made to last, you can ensure that not only will your customers be happy with the product you give them, but they’ll continue to bring attention to your business!

Get In Touch With Local Services

When you want to ensure that your local business is getting everything it can out of direct mail interaction, going with a locally based direct mail service can go a long way. They know the area and know the best way to reach your target demographic. When it comes to engaging locally, finding a service that knows you and the surrounding community is key to success.

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