A t-shirt, mug, bag, hat, umbrella, flag, and office supplies all display custom orange logos to promote a business.

The Best Promotional Items for Small Businesses

Consistent and meaningful impressions make the marketing world go round. We’ve mentioned how one of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of promotional items. Small businesses in particular can benefit from these kinds of materials because of the local distribution factor. Small businesses usually don’t have an audience of millions scattered across a large region, so it’s easier to get promotional items out to the customers. Here are a few of the best kinds of items to consider when reaching out.

5 multicolor pens show customization options for small businesses looking for promotional materials.


What can be said about promotional pens that we haven’t already? They’re useful, you can carry them anywhere, and are pretty cost effective. For the kind of easy engagement opportunities that customers will always be reaching for, you can’t go wrong with a writing implement. From basic models to more advanced and intricate options, you can really find the pen that matches the look and feel your business is looking for.

Silk-screening allows for decals to be placed on a wide range of notebooks to further market your business.


Who doesn’t need another notebook? Offering your customers a valuable tool to write their thoughts down on ensures that you’re never far from their planning. Using notebooks, notepads, and the like is an easy way to give your audience a valuable and useful item while reminding them about your business.

A man wears a collared purple shirt beside many other color options and logos available for customization.


When you have the chance to have a walking billboard, wouldn’t you want to take it? That’s essentially what promotional t-shirts serve as. Not only are they useful for the sake of impressions, but they’re useful for customers too! Clothing serves an obvious function for both business and customer. T-shirts are always a smart move as a prize for a giveaway or as a way for customers to show pride in their local business.

A Rubik’s Cube themed USB drive is just one of the ways you can put your own spin on promotional products.


Technology plays a massive role in pretty much everyone’s life, so giving your clients something that is useful in that aspect is a homerun. Customizable USB drives offer you a great marketing opportunity to give your customers something different from other businesses. It’s also great for customers because it serves a real purpose in the workplace and at home.

A black mug with Rosa’s Cafe: Tortilla Factory on the outside and a bright blue interior shows what kind of customizable options there are for drinkware.


When you have a mug with a logo on it, you’re proclaiming a loyalty; don’t you want your customers to be able to show their loyalty to your business? A quality mug that accurately represents your business is a great way to make a connection with a customer. Whenever they reach for their hot beverage of choice, they’ll think of your business. All of the warm feelings they associate with their drink will transfer to you!

Go With The Team You Can Trust

When looking for the best marketing materials and promotional products possible, RTC should be your go-to every time. With access to thousands of suppliers and expert designers, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your must have items for your small business. Give us a call or reach out today to see how we can help you make a great first impression!

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