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Marketing Supplies For Different Businesses

Depending on your business, you might find yourself unsure of what kind of mailers to send out during your future direct mail campaign and other engagements. Ensuring there is some kind of connection between your mailers and what your company does makes it more likely that your customers will remember your services. Here are a few examples of how different kinds of businesses can be matched with a variety of mailers and products!


For food services, sending out a menu of what you offer on a regular basis is a fairly standard play when it comes to direct mail marketing. By putting a list of your food in someone’s home, they’ll be more likely to call and order or stop in to satisfy their hunger. These can either be simple flyers or complete menus that fold out, but they should be sturdy enough to endure regular use over a long period of time. This way, you don’t have to worry about sending replacements out too regularly.

Tech Firms

Businesses that focus on catering to technological needs benefit greatly from associating their name and brand with the kinds of services they provide. Using promotional materials with the company logo printed on them can consistently remind users of who they can rely on when it comes to their technology needs. These can be anything from pens and pencils, to USB drives and external chargers! With the wide variety of options for printing, there’s always something some any business to continue to engage a customer base long after the service is ended.

Service Based Industries

When your business offers a service that can apply to nearly every household, you need to consider how to get in touch with those homes in the most cost effective way possible. When trying to reach that many customers, a cheap yet effective method is to use postcards. Tried and true, these simple mailers don’t require envelopes and openly display their advertisements so customers are far more likely to see them.

Seasonal Services

When your services might not be immediately useful to customers, but you still want to stay on their minds, magnetic postcards are incredibly effective. Consider how many times a person might go to their fridge and see the outside, and also consider that most people do not clear off the front of their fridges too often. If you offer a summer landscaping business or autumn leaf clearing, and you want to get into your customers’ heads well before the season, offer a magnet for them to put on their fridge. This gets your business a foothold in the home and can give consistent impressions every day!

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