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Why Are Promotional Pens So Popular?

Building a relationship with your audience can take many forms. You can send ads, put up posters, and offer discounts to encourage engagement. The challenge is getting your customers to consistently engage with something they cannot actually use. Flashy design and different sized mailers only go so far; sometimes you need to get them something they can hold and take with them every day. Promotional products have a proven ROI, and one of the best examples of this is consistently the personalized pen.

Why Pens?

When promotional products can be almost anything, what makes pens so special? The idea behind promotional products is that whatever you’re advertising, it should consistently be used and easily identified. If you’re like most people, you probably use a pen at some point in your day. You might even have a favorite pen!

They’re Useful

How often do you find yourself with a business card in your pocket and think, “Do I really need this?” Are you ever really excited to be handed a full sheet of paper with information on it when you’re at a trade show? Where do you put them? While these kinds of outreach have their places for engagement, pens serve a purpose beyond promoting your business. They’re more likely to stick around than a card or flyer because you can never have too many pens, so people keep them!

Consistent Engagement

Every time you reach for that pen, you’re being reintroduced to the product or service being promoted. Compare that to a mailer or poster that isn’t carried around in a pocket all day and used consistently, and you’re getting way more points of contact with that customer and anyone else who sees the pen.

They’re Cost Effective

You can order dozens—nay, hundreds—of pens for a low cost. The lower the cost of each piece, the greater return on investment when someone responds to it. Saving money with this promotional product means you have the chance to take those extra funds and plug them in elsewhere in your marketing strategy.

Customers Like Free

If you’re just giving away pens, customers will take them! It’s not often you have your audience come to you for promotional materials, so embrace it! If you give customers something they like and want to use, they’ll transfer that to how they feel about your company and services.

Transfer Satisfaction

Along with an appreciation for the product right off the bat, customers transfer a sense of quality to the company. If you give a customer something that works long term and doesn’t break unexpectedly, you’re already ahead of a lot of other cheap pens that get handed out. Going with a quality product and printer ensures that your company name and message lasts as long as your pens do!

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You Can Really Get Unique

Pens serve a direct purpose: to write things. However, that simple function makes it easy to stand out with something different. Consider how many companies go for the simple clicking pen. If you go outside of that narrow definition of what a promotional pen is, then you can open up to the possibility of what it can be. There are pens that look like cars, pens that turn into planes, some even have spinners on them! A unique pen attracts more attention than a simple clicking implement.

Go With An Experienced Printer

It’s not enough to just go with any printer and supplier when you decide to go with a pen-based giveaway. You need to know that your products will be printed clearly and last a good long time for consistent engagement. Going with a team that knows how to do it right on a wide range of products is key. That’s why RTC should be your go to promotional product supplier. RTC has access to over 3,000 sources of products, and can help you determine which would be best for your outreach. The next time you’re thinking about ordering promotional products for your marketing campaign, give RTC a call and see how we can get you on the right track.

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