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Choose the Right Time to Mail Your Advertisements

We’ve previously discussed timing your mailers for holidays, but what about your more frequent mailers? Planning your regular mailing timing to most benefit your business can seem like micro-micro-managing, but it can make a huge difference.

Catching someone on the right day, or the right time of the year, can be the difference between someone following up on your information and throwing it away. Here are some tips that we’ve found regarding finding the best timing for direct mailers.

Which Day Is Most Effective?

Mailers are best received at different times of the week. Ideally, any direct mail that you send is going to be looked at on its own without competing mail. In order to get the highest chance of success, get your mail to your audience when they’re least distracted. Monday is a heavy mail load day, and is often not the best day to try to send out information.

Mondays are also not the best day to get your audience in the right mindset. At the end of the day on the first day of the week, many people don’t want to look at advertisements in their stack of mail. Likewise on Fridays, people want to start their weekend instead of checking their mail.

The middle of the week is usually lighter on advertising mail, and so it’s the best time to stand out from the rest of the direct mailing crowd!

Does Time Of Year Matter?

When it comes to the best time of year to reach out to your base, it really depends on the kind of business you run. Some services operate only in the spring and summer weather, so it would make sense to send out reminders for your customers before that season starts.

A landscaping service will want to lock in clients for the spring and summer before they sign up with another business that got ahead of them with a mailer. Finding the sweet spot to attract attention close to your operating time requires careful consideration and examination of when your busy seasons are.

Time Arrival By Timing Mailing

It goes without saying that mail takes time to travel. Your team should plan on finalizing your designs and preparing your mailers well in advance of your hopeful receiving date. Depending on the range of your mailer audience, it could take days or more for your mailer to arrive, and it also depends on mailing holidays. In some cases, your mailer may stop in transit for a day before continuing on its way. Getting everything settled and prepared ahead of time gives you the opportunity to choose your mailing date with more agency.

Plan With The Best

Coordinating your design, print, and finally mailing can be a complicated series of deadlines and schedules. Finding the right team to help can make a world of difference. RTC Direct has decades of experience in dealing with these kinds of projects. Reach out to us and get the professional touch necessary for a successful direct mailing campaign!

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