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Postcard Sizes: Which Is Best For You?

Postcards can run the gamut when it comes to sizes and uses. When it comes to mailers, we’ve talked in the past that sometimes a bigger size can grab more attention. However, it always depends on what your particular goal is for your mailing campaign. If you want to just get a quick reminder that your business is in the area to as many people as possible, a smaller mailer gets the job done, but might get missed. A larger mailer might be more likely to be noticed, but can cost more to print and mail. 

Here are a few different size options for postcards and why each might be perfect for you:

4.25” x 6”

When you’re working with this size of direct mailer, you don’t have a ton of space to work with. This is best used for sending out your message directly and clearly. Remind your customers that they should visit your establishment or give you a call. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room to get into more detailed offers or designs.

The benefit of this small of a mailer is that it qualifies for the Postal Service’s First Class mailing rate, saving you money! This also means that they can get mailed out quicker. When you’re saving on your mailing cost, that means you can afford to send out more mailers and increase your campaign’s reach. When you need to get in touch with as many people as possible with a simple and direct message, these smaller postcards are ideal.

6” x 9”

Offering more room for information, images, and design, this option for direct mail postcards has a wide range of versatility. When you have more space, you can give more detail about any sales, deals, or events your business is cooking up. The larger mailer size will also have it stand out against smaller pieces of mail.

The downside of this size is that you’re going to pay more in mailing costs because the mailers are larger. This also translates into less money to print the mailers. As far as the kind of audience you can target with these mailers, you have a few options. You can either target an existing audience of current customers to let them know about a new sale or service. Another option is to include a general overview of your business’s services so that potential customers can be enticed to visit or purchase your goods and services.

6” x 11”

As one of the largest sized mailers, you have all of the advantages of the 6” x 9” mailers, and then some. Instead of simply sending out extended information, why not take advantage and basically send a small poster? Send your audience something they can display with pride. Alternatively, you can take full advantage of the space and give a lot of information in order to cover all of the questions your audience might have.

Just like with the next largest size, this costs more to mail. It also costs more to print. When you’re printing this sized mailer, you want it to hold up to scrutiny and the mailing process. Higher quality prints and materials combined with a greater cost of mailing means you’ll likely be printing fewer. Taking this into consideration, you have to carefully consider your audience that you’re sending these to.

Evaluating Your Needs

For those times when you’re not sure if your message is better as short and direct, or more detailed, you might need some professional help. RTC has a team that’s experienced with every kind of postcard mailer. From design, to print, and finally mailing, RTC has been in the direct mail business for a long time. Get in touch with us to make sure you’re using the right size postcard for your next mailing campaign!

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