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In an increasingly digital marketplace, many businesses are moving their focus towards electronic communication with their customer base: email notifications and social media posts to name a couple. While these can be effective to a certain extent, there’s no denying that the physicality of direct mail still holds a powerful place in the realm of direct marketing. Here are a few reasons your business would greatly benefit from embracing direct mail in the digital age:

It’s A Numbers Game

Throughout the day, all day, on nearly every webpage, there are advertisements. Most users scroll past without paying any attention to these pop-ups or flashing banners. This is the downside of the oversaturated electronic advertisement market.

When using physical direct mail to reach your audience, you’re more likely to get engagement because your message will be one of maybe a dozen pieces of communication instead of one of hundreds.

Mix It Up

Given the wide array of options available for physical mail, you have more versatility for reaching your customers. When it comes to keeping your customers interested and interacting with your contacts, having different configurations of the information about your business goes a long way. Also having a few different physical reminders of a service you offer is great for even after your direct mail campaign ends.

Control Your Reach

Direct mail gives you direct control over where your advertisement is going in ways electronic contacts and advertisements cannot. Email addresses travel with the user, but a local business probably wants to continue to engage with local residents and potential customers. Direct mail can be delivered right to the front door of a home in your target range.

Easily Track Effectiveness

Direct mail can contain coupons or offers for your business. Tracking the use of these materials is as easy as collecting the coupons from customers when they come in. This allows you to know how effective your campaigns are right away.

Easier To Consume

Studies have shown that direct mail is easier to read, processed more quickly, and more likely to drive engagement and motivation from customers.

When it takes 21% more mental effort to process what someone is even looking at, it is less likely that they’ll actively want to engage with your outreach if it’s digital.

Most Cost Effective

When evaluating campaigns, you always want to consider the return of investment. Though you can send out hundreds of thousands of emails for about the same cost as a few thousand direct mailers, you’re far more likely to get responses from those who received the physical mail over the digital email that they may have never seen.

In addition to the likelihood of interaction, the US Postal Service offers discount rates on large mailing quantities, and can put you in contact with local printers in your area.

Get In The Door

While physical direct mail does have a higher individual cost associated with it in most cases, it also has more engagement from those who receive it. This is likely due to the fact that it’s bypassing the spam barrier that stops most advertisements from reaching an email inbox. For a direct mailer that costs less than a dollar, you’re putting your business’s information or offer in the hands of a potential consumer.

Guaranteed Acknowledgement

The physical nature of holding a piece of communication is huge when you compare it to the ease of sorting a digital inbox, or even evaluating and discarding.

Physically interacting with the letter, post card, or brochure guarantees that your potential customer will have to at least acknowledge that they received the communication. This will ensure that they’ve seen your business and will be more likely to remember you in the future even if the initial message doesn’t stick with them.

In a digital age when hundreds of email advertisements are being sent and received over the course of a day, it’s easy to be lost in that shuffle. Users can check a box and delete countless carefully crafted emails without even opening or seeing who they are from.

It’s Time To Go Direct Mail

When it comes to getting the most response for your campaign, physical direct mail is proven to be far more effective at drawing in new customers and maintaining relationships with existing users. For your next outreach effort, try using a personalized direct mail campaign instead of digital.

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