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What Kind of Direct Marketing is Best for Your Company?

Depending on your business, location, and the audience you’re trying to reach, there could be many different ways to engage in direct mail campaigns. Direct Mail marketing has been proven to be more effective in pretty much every way than digital marketing plans. The physical aspect of mail has many benefits, but which method of getting to your customers is most effective? 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

EDDM sends mail directly to demographics in a selected area. This does not require a pre-built mailing list or even the addresses of those you’re looking to mail to. You can choose a zip code, and then select different demographics based on census data along a mailing route. 

This kind of direct mail marketing is most useful for businesses that know the general area and demographics that make up their customer base. By focusing the attention on groups that you already know patronize your business, you can save money while maximizing your chances of bringing in more customers.

Saturation/Walk Sequence Mailing Lists

Saturation/Walk Sequence Mailing Lists are straightforward and do not require any pre-formed mailing list. The target audience is based in a specific town, county, or state. By targeting an area instead of a specific group of people, it’s possible for businesses to build out their customer base and bring in new business.

This is especially useful for enterprises that are raising awareness of a current sale or other event. This method is relatively inexpensive and guarantees that a large number of people will see your mailer.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeted Mailing Lists make use of data sets so that the campaign can get to the most specific group possible. This can be utilized for those customers that have bought a specific product or service from you in the past, or have searched for something similar.You can run several of these at the same time to reach several different groups with targeted advertisements or offers.

This requires different designs for each mailer, but is often worth the slight increase in cost because when a customer receives a personalized communication from a business, they feel valued and appreciated. Customers who feel special will definitely come back and continue to patronize your business.

Evaluating Your Needs

Pretty much regardless of your business or your customer base, direct mail marketing campaigns are a fantastic way to improve engagement with your patrons. The key is making sure you are using the best method for your business and target audience. When evaluating what works best for you, it’s often a good idea to consult local direct mail experts to ensure you are doing everything possible to get the best return on investment.

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  1. I like the idea of using data that target a specific group with mailing lists. Companies can save a ton of money this way. They still get marketing done while making real connections with people that will more likely buy their products.

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