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Strengths of Different Mailing Campaigns

When planning your direct mail marketing campaign, it’s important to figure out what method best suits your needs. Depending on the current goals of your business, one method could be more effective than another. Looking to bring in a lot of new business from a wide range of demographics? You’ll want to go a different route than if you were trying to bring in existing customers. Here are some brief descriptions of different types of direct mail marketing strategies and what they each do particularly well:

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, is a fairly standard form of direct mail marketing. This method is great for getting the information about your business or services you provide to a wide audience. You also have the ability to narrow the scope of your target audience by several demographic factors.

Best Time For EDDM

Because this path does not necessarily require a pre-built mailing list, it’s a great way to reach out to a large group when you have a general idea about who your target audience is.

Saturation/Walk Sequence Mailing List

When your message is less of a focused pitch to a particular group and more of a notice to a whole area, the saturation/walk sequence mailing lists are great tools. This method also does not require a pre-generated mailing list to get started. Simply knowing where your target audience lives can be enough. This can range from neighborhoods and extend out to the size of a state!

Best Use For Saturation Mailing

This strategy is ideal for getting the word out about an event or promotion for your business to the most potential customers in an area. Local businesses benefit from these campaigns greatly.

Target Mailing List

For those times when you want to go the extra mile to reach your most specific audience, the direct mailing experts of RTC can help you set up a target mailing list. This draws on data collected over time to help you reach incredibly specific demographics such as business owners, current consumers, and more!

What Targeted Mailing Lists Do Well

If you already have a list of clients you know your service directly appeals to, or your goal is to branch into a specific demographic, targeted mailing lists establish a clear audience and push for engagement with that group.

Consult Professionals

Working with professionals can give you the best chance to pick the right direct mailing campaign strategies. When orchestrated properly, sometimes different campaign styles can be run simultaneously to great effect. The experts at RTC know all of the best methods to get the desired results. We’ve got the experience and tools you need to reach your audience in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Before you kick off your next direct mail campaign, give us a call to see how we can help you get the engagement you want!

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