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So you’ve decided to run a promotional campaign, but what should you do next? When should you run it? Is it worth it? Can anyone help with these logistics? It’s a simple matter of breaking down this overwhelming wave of questions into easier to handle, individual tasks.

When Are You Busy?

Understanding when your busy seasons are, you should send out mailers just prior to that. As the seasons begin to turn warmer, send a reminder email about your pool cleaning service.

It might not be time to open a backyard pool yet, but letting your customers know that you can help when the time comes puts you on their radar. This makes them more receptive to future mailers as they’ll likely recognize your name.

Early Alerts

Getting the message out early, before the offer is valid, is infinitely better than it arriving after the promotion ends. Once you have your time for a big sale set, get those mailers out as close to that start time as possible.

Instead of waiting for your event to start however, you should try to get your mailers to customers between a week or two ahead of the start of the promotion. This gives customers time to plan our a visit or set time aside to check out the products or services you’re offering.

How Long?

If your goal is to raise awareness of your specific promotion, it should last long enough so that customers will be receiving reminders and information throughout the event. If you are simply reminding customers about your service to try and bring in new business, these should extend from just before your busy times to the beginning of when you see your biggest business.

Follow up mailers can be sent after a short time, but you don’t want to drive your customers away with too much mail!

Check Your Results

Evaluate after every marketing campaign about the effectiveness to help with future planning. There is no surefire combination or formula that will guarantee success for a campaign. What works for one business in another area might not apply to your service. Every time you create a promotional event, check on the level of customer engagement to see how effective it was.

Consult Experts

Planning a direct mailing campaign can be a daunting task, but with proper planning, your business can make the most of it. Major factors that influence your success are timing when you reach out to customers, letting them know well enough ahead of time to plan to participate, and checking on your results. Keeping track of all of this can be difficult without the right experience. If you’re looking to start your own mailing campaign, RTC can help! Contact us today to set up your next successful mailing campaign! 

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