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What Kinds Of Mailers Should You Use?

There’s a wide range of things you can send to your customers. There are also many factors to consider when choosing different kinds of mailing products.

Who are you trying to attract? What is the most cost effective option for your group? Should you shake up the kinds of things you mail? When should you mail?

The questions are endless, but have no fear! We have the answers to these questions here:

Consider Your Audience

Look at your audience and determine what different mailers would be appropriate. If you are trying to encourage new customer growth, mailers that contain more information would be ideal. Usually these consist of brochures or leaflets that showcase the services and products your business provides. If you are reaching out to other businesses, this is also a great option.

Postcards are another easy to manufacture and mail option. Usually concise and flashy, these usually contain less information than a full brochure or pamphlet, but they are a cheaper mail choice. This allows you to send out to more customers quickly and efficiently. These can serve more as reminders for current customers, although they are effective at generating new interest as well.

Mix It Up!

Maintaining a variety keeps your customers interested and excited to see your mailers. Mixing up the kinds of products you mail to your customers can increase their engagement and encourage involvement from your base. It also allows you to test the waters to see which is most effective. Consider if you sent out a postcard with an included coupon and a brochure with the same coupon, but customers only came in with the postcard. It might be a good plan to focus more on similar postcard campaigns in the future.

Carefully Time Everything

Timing can be everything in a direct mail campaign. It’s often a good idea to reach out to your target demographic during the buildup and beginning of your busy season. Doing so at other times of the year would be a waste of time, energy, and money.

You wouldn’t try to advertise a massive snowblower sale in the middle of June would you? What about beach supplies in December? Aligning your mailing products with the natural rise and fall of customer interest is key to catching your base’s attention.

Talk To The Professionals

Keeping your audience in mind, mixing up what you send, and constantly monitoring your engagement will benefit your business. By carefully timing your mailers, you also increase the likelihood that your customers will remember and engage with your advertisements.

For all of your direct mail needs, RTC is ready to help your business effectively reach out to your audience.

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