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How to Effectively Use Promotional Products

For the most continuous impact with customers, physical contact is important. Usually this is accomplished with direct mail marketing campaigns, but that’s not the only way.

Promotional products like pens, shirts, USB drives, and the like are fantastic ways to get in touch with customers. Promotional items last longer, attract more attention, and act as a constant reminder about your services.

Quality Materials Last Longer

In most cases, promotional products last longer than most advertising campaigns. The key is to make sure your items are quality materials. A pen that breaks after a few uses doesn’t instill confidence in the business that handed it out.

The longer a product lasts, the more impressions you get with your customer. If a customer regularly uses something they associate with a business, their opinion of that item carries over to their opinion about the business. Strive to have your company’s pen be a customer’s favorite pen.

Stand Out From The Crowd

A useful promotional piece is important, but just as vital is that it stands out against all of the other items customers might receive. What makes your pen different than the dozens of promotional pens a customer might have in their drawer? Do your customers actually need another pen?

Consider what your audience values and find a unique way to meet that need. If your item is unique and memorable, you’ll always have the edge on your competition.

Include All of Your Info!

Your products should include your business name, and somehow indicate what your company does. If the product isn’t directly related to the kinds of business or services how will they know what you do?

If they have your name and number, but not what you do, there’s no reason for a customer to think of you when they need your service if they’re not already familiar with what you do.

Final Thoughts

Establishing a strong connection with your customer base requires your business to be memorable and useful to potential and current clients, but your promotional materials should be equally useful and memorable.

In order to generate effective leads and build a solid relationship with your customers, one of the best methods is utilizing promotional products effectively. If you’re considering using promotional items with your business, let RTC help you select and print your products for your next marketing campaign!

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