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How Much Direct Mail Is The Right Amount?

Sending mailers is a tricky balancing act where instead of one way or the other, there are many different sides to consider. How big should your mailers be? How should you go about designing your mailers? What kinds of things should you start mailing? How do you reach out to your audience? How often should you reach out to your audience? Have no fear! We have some thoughts on this:

Don’t Forget About What You Send

If you’re already sending mailers, you should have a plan in place to follow up on how successful your campaign has been. Checking in on how much response you get from your outreach gives you an idea of whether you’re getting the results you want. That can inform later decisions about your engagements.

Make Each Mailer Count

When it comes to email blasts, you might get two, three, or even four from one source a week. This can actually hurt business because it clutters up mailboxes and can be annoying for potential customers. Emails are cheap to send and go largely ignored. Take that lesson when investing in your direct mailing campaign. Sending one mailer a week to potential and existing customers that you’ve identified as most likely to engage with your business is the best option. You don’t want to overwhelm them, but you also don’t want them to forget about you either!

Have A Specific Purpose For Each Mailer

Trying to cast your net too wide with a single mailer is the path of madness. Whether you’re sending our first contact mailers, working to maintain relationships, or announcing a new sales event, you need to focus in on one of those things at a time. Having a clear and direct message and intention is crucial to getting the point of your mailer across. If there’s too much going on, you risk confusing your audience and having your mailer dismissed without getting the impression you had hoped for.

Don’t Let It Get Stale

Establishing a recognized means of communication is a major part of a mailing campaign, but don’t constantly use the same kind of mailers! Sometimes postcards are the best option, but you can always try for a larger flyer when you have a lot of information to cover. Heavy stock envelopes are a good way to attract attention from readers just shuffling through their mail stacks. There are plenty of ways to draw attention to yourself, and switching up how you present your business is a great method.

Keeping Everything In Balance

As we mentioned earlier, maintaining the balance between all of the different aspects of a direct mailing campaign can create a hectic atmosphere. If one aspect is out of sync, the whole process can go awry. Going with a team that has the experience necessary to keep it all in line and running smoothly can make the difference between someone responding to your mailer and throwing it away. When you’re planning your next direct mail campaign, give us a call and see what RTC can do for you.

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